Devry ETHC445 Week 6 Assignment Latest 2020 January

ETHC445 Principles of Ethics

Week 6 Assignment


Download and read these Ethics Codes

Legal Ethics Model code. (Links to an external site.) (links to a pdf file)

Note from your instructor: The Legal Ethics code is 93 pages long. You do NOT have to read the entire code. Read the “Preamble” and at least the EC #1 and #2. Skim the rest. Lawyers take an entire Law School course on this code, and are required then to take a four hour multiple-choice exam on it to get admitted to the Bar. I want you mainly to see how it differs from the Medical society code of ethics, and how detailed it is. We’ll talk about it more in the discussions.

American Medical Association Ethical Code (Links to an external site.)

A Sexual Harassment Policy (Links to an external site.)

Be sure to listen to the Rand Audio Lecture , and read the Lesson. Complete the Lecture’s interactive exercise in teams or with a partner. The exercise is part of the Lecture and includes the ethical dilemma for this week’s focus.